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System Heating and Cooling Split Systems vs Seperate Appliances

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Australia is a beautiful and versatile country, we have hot summers spent on the beach and cold winters spent playing in the snow.  Which is great but in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney it means that one heating or cooling system isn’t sufficient. Most homes have one or both but the cost of buying and maintaining two systems can be a lot.  The main options for heating a home or business is ducted heating, standalone heaters or split system heaters. For cooling you can opt for refrigerated air conditioning, reverse cycle air conditioning, evaporation cooling or fans. But with all these options it is sometimes hard to know which one is right for you. Here is a brief over view of what each systems pro and con is.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning 

Pro- Refrigerated air conditioners are a premium choice for Australians.  The air conditioners work in both dry and humid conditions. The unit sits in a roof cavity and blows down.  Refrigerated air conditioning, despite the name, heats and cools so can be used in any season.

Con- It heats and cools just as a split system does but is twice the price to run.

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Evaporative Cooling

Pro- Evaporative Cooling is the cheapest way to cool your home of work place and there are many great Australian air conditioning brands on offer.  Fresh air is drawn from the outside across water-filled pads & distributed via ducting in the roof and blown down. The system is quiet and is still effective even if windows or doors are left open.

Con-As it draws in air from outside it does not work well in humid conditions.   Only invest in this appliance if you live in a hot, dry state.


Pro- Fans are cheap and are easy to set up and start running. You save costs on workmen and installation costs. A fan can be moved to any room with you and packed away in the colder months.

Con-They don’t actually provide cooling, only wind.  They are not very effective for cooling a large area down but just provide a breeze for one of two people directly in front of it.

Ducted Heating

Pro-Ducted heating can be installed in the roof or the floor giving great versatility in price and location. The heating is provided by gas and usually an outlet is installed in each room of the building.  The whole house can be heated with the touch of a button, it is cost effective, requires little maintenance and is very efficient.

Con- Unless you opt for the more expensive ‘zone heating’ you can’t just heat one room and it works best if all the doors inside a building are open for airflow. This isn’t great for privacy or if only one area needs to be heated.


Standalone Heaters

Pro-They work fast, are cheap to buy and can be moved from room to room with you.

Con-They don’t heat wide areas and can be expensive to keep running.

Split-System Air Conditioners

Pro-They are designed for heating and cooling single rooms and multiple rooms so are perfect for the home or office. They are cheap to run and require little to no maintenance. They can be installed in one room or linked into multiple rooms via copper piping.

Cons- They are big, bulky and ugly. They take up quite a bit of room and need to be installed professionally.

Hope this helps when you are choosing what system to install in you home or work place.   Whether you are upgrading, renovating or buying a new home temperature appliances are a must.  Call a professional for more advice, installations or repairs!