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How to Prevent Dirty Ducts in Your Hobart Home

Friday, January 30th, 2015


Breathe Easier

Dirty ducts reduce the efficiency of any HVAC system, increase power bills and contaminate the air. Dirty ducts can be the cause of a range of health problems affecting you and your family. Ducted systems spread germs throughout homes quickly and the pipes are the perfect place for mold, fungi and germs to breed. Attempting to clean ducts alone is not only hard and time consuming but can put your ducts at risk. It is best to hire in an air conditioning and heating professional to do the deed.

Here are some steps you can take to take to ensure your ducts stay clean and your family healthy.

  • Have your system regularly cleaned – Regular maintenance and cleaning performed by a HVAC Technician can keep contaminants from growing in your ducts. All heating and cooling systems should be inspected and cleaned every six months to ensure maximum air flow with minimum power.2
  • Close ducts– Close your ducts when you are not using them. If you only use your ducted heating in the winter then close off your ducts in the summer, this will stop foreign objects falling down into the ducted system. Another time when it is crucial to close ducts is during renovation work. Dust, debris and dirt can easily fall into one duct and be spread throughout the whole home or office. Close your ducts when you are not using them.
  • Clean new ducts – Check new ducts installed into your Hobart home to make sure they have been thoroughly cleaned.  Ensuring ducts are not left with little bits of debris, carpet, oil or other foreign objects will increase the life of your system. Don’t be shy about checking during an installation.
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  • Keep your home clean – The air circulating through your ducts may have germs, dust, hair and other forms of pollution circling through them. Keeping a clean home limits the impurities and toxins in the air, this in turn will keep your ducts clean in-between maintenance appointments.

It’s important to note that dirty ducts can be a flag for other problems in a home or office. If people are constantly getting sick or there is a bad odor coming from the ducts in your home there may be an underlying problem such as a serious mold problem, wet foundations or asbestos.