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Heating up the home: Fire Place Options

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

If you’re looking at building a home, or renovating, selecting heating options is a unique choice for owners. However many people are looking at multiple options, with ducted heating and fireplaces.

If you think installing a fireplace into your home is the right option there’s a few things you need to consider.

In this era there are more options than the traditional ‘real log’ fireplace. Although the inbuilt fireplace is a common choice for many people, there are many different available choices. You need to think about what you’re aiming to get out of the the fireplace, what you’re willing to spend, and how much maintenance you’re willing to complete. Luckily you can easily find an option that best suits your circumstances.


Fireplace options come in a range of different structures, and this is only one factor to consider when looking to install one into your home. You can choose from the following:

Wall Mounted/ Inbuilt:

Wall mounted fireplaces are generally considered to be ones that burn ‘real wood’ however wall mounted fireplaces can also be electrical, or gas. If you’re thinking of a wall mounted style then you must consider this in great depth, as this requires some major renovation work. You’ll need to pay to get the whole thing designed, in accordance with your wall structure. However the actual fireplace insert can varying in price depending on your choice of brand. Running costs will also be dependent on whether it’s electrical, gas, or real wood.


fire 2

Free Standing:

Another option in terms of structure is the free-standing fire place, another common choice for home owners. With this option you don’t need any grand re-structuring, as it stands off the wall and is connected via the chimney to the roof. You can also get this type in wood, gas or electricity.

fire 3


A portable fire place is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to commit to a permanent structure in their home. If you choose an indoor portable fireplace then it will run off electricity, a cheaper option than gas. You will also find that there are many sizes and styles available.

fire 4


When deciding the structure of your fireplace you need to co-currently consider what type of fuel you want to use, as you can get electrical, gas, or wood fireplaces.


  • Doesn’t require regular maintenance.
  • Safe- no fumes or carbon dioxide.
  • Easy functioning, simply connect to power point.
  • Cost depends on usage and power price.


  • Gas fireplaces can easily mimic the look of real wood fires.
  • Simple functioning, and can be used with remote.
  • Vented and non vented types available.
  • Installation can be expensive.

Real Wood/Log:

  • Best thing about your real log fire is the naturalistic aspect- if you like smelling and hearing the sounds of your rustic fire.
  • You don’t need electricity to use this fireplace.
  • Requires a lot more maintenance and cleaning then any other fireplace (cleaning ashes, grime, restocking wood, stoking utensils).
  • Won’t heat large areas of a home, but can heat closed rooms or areas.

Installing or buying a fireplace for your property is a major investment in most cases, so ensuring you know the details of your options is important. You don’t want to invest in an electrical portable heater if you want to use it as your main source of heating, as it won’t do you justice.

Make sure your do your research and look at all the brands before you make the leap of faith!