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Moving Large or Awkward Items?

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Most household items are easy to pack and stack in nice neat boxes. Clothes, crockery, books, pillows – they all can be placed in bags or boxes with ease. But what about those awkward items such as coffee machines, fish tanks, mirrors, TV’s, exercise bikes or wine collections? Large or bulky items are a bother to wrap and relocate. Even if you want to do most of the move yourself it is best to get a professional removal team in for big, heavy or breakable items.

NT residents looking to move have a range of removalist companies to choose from. Arbon’s Removals & Storage are the specialists in awkward and heavy removal jobs and provide relocation for local, interstate and global moves.


As well as offering services for packing and moving your items, Arbon’s Removals & Storage also provide tips on how best to deal with particularly large and awkward items.

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Still want to go it alone?

If you decide you want to try move your own items to save on costs, make sure you are prepared for some heavy lifting, to buy materials and to hire a truck or trailer.

The weeks leading up to a move you can start collecting boxes, bubble wrap and readying blankets and towels to protect your items or you can buy boxes and packing materials from Arbon’s Removals And Storage or another removal company in the Northern Territory.

Professional packing materials are guaranteed to protect your items during a move and are abundant. Turn away from the old newspaper and dodgy boxes and opt for professional cartons, bubble wrap, plastic coverings, tarp, boxes, pillows and labelling.

When wrapping yourself take extra care to wrap and cover any edges. Desks, sofas and whitegoods can get dinted and scuffed if exposed.


Lift with care.

Moving home can be a stressful and rushed procedure but safety should never be rushed. Professional movers have been taught to lift and carry heavy awkward items and follow OH & S standards. They also have machinery to help load and unload possessions into trucks. If you have decided to move heavy or awkward items yourself don’t rush the process.


Bend your knees to pick heavy items up without rounding or straining your back. The most common injury during a move is a back injury due to people trying to lift with their back. Injuring your back is never a risk you should take – no matter how much you might save.


Make sure you get help on a move from friends, family or a professional removalist whether you are moving the whole home or just a fridge.

For more advice about packing and moving, or to request a quote for your next move talk to the friendly team at Arbon’s Removals & Storage.