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Automated Gates : The Breakdown

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Are you considering installing a gate to for your back fence, or for the side of your home? Maybe you’d like added security by including a gate and fencing structure at the front of your property?

Of increasing popularity amongst businesses and home owners are automated gates. Many people are opting for this type of gate for many reasons.

Many people who invest in automated gates will tell that the benefits outweigh the negatives, how about we look into this in more detail?

Types of Automated Gates:

There are many types of automatic gates available to the community each with their own unique look and functionality. Some are designed purely for commercial security purposes such as the barrier arm gate, and others are more versatile, such as the cantilever gate.

Most commonly used gates include:

Slide Gate:

Slide gates are a common for both residential and commercial properties, as they’re simple to use with basic functionality. Your slide gate will be aligned to the fence and when the signal is made the gate will slide backwards on rollers at the bottom of the fence.

sliding gate

Unfortunately if there is any obstruction on the ground near the track the gate may have difficulty opening and closing. It could be any debris, from sticks getting caught, to rocks so be sure the area is always kept clear.

Swing Gate:

Most commonly utilised for residential homes the swing gate is one of the most basic automated gates on the market. Swing gates are attached to the fencing or wall structure by hinges on one side which allow the door to open on a 90 degree angle. Exactly as the name suggests the door ‘swings’ out to open and close.

gate 2

Your only issues with the swing gate is obstruction of the ‘swing’ motion and perhaps faulty hinges.¬† You also need to make sure you leave enough distance between you and the gate to avoid dings.

Other Types Available:

  • Bi-Folding Gate
  • Vertical Pivot
  • Cantilever Gate
  • Vertical Lift Gate

As you can see there are many automated gate types available, which is why you should do your research before committing to any gate.

Benefits of Automated Gates:

  • Most people purchase automated gates due to the increased level of security and safety. Due to the lock on the gate being automated an intruder cannot open the gate unless they have the remote or code.
  • Automated gates are also a lot more convenient to open due to the simple code or press of a button. You don’t need to struggle with a lock or latch that’s faulty or tricky you can stay in the comfort of your car.
  • An added bonus of the automated gate is that there is now a whole range of different type available, from varying materials and colours. However the material you do choose will be have their benefits and disadvantages.
  • Due the modern touch of the automated technology the gate will certainly be more appealing to anyone who’d like to purchase your home or property in the future, as it increases the property value.

Disadvantages of Automated Gates:

  • Due to the electrical workings of an automated gate you may have issues with electrical failings. However most will now be made to open throughout power failures.
  • Cost they are more expansive then a traditional waste but many will tell you its worth every peny.

Automated gates are one those luxury or modern conveniences that will  benefit for your property, in value and asthetics. However if you do like the appeal and practicality of the automated gate then you can find out more or purchase one through a fencing company.

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