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All You Need To Know Before Demolishing & Building A Home

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

So you’ve decided to remain in the same location and build a more modern home for you and your family with more space. Building a home is incredibly rewarding and is one of the only ways you can actually ensure that every single element in the home, from the stove to the curtains is tailored to suit your style. From dream to reality,  while the process before beginning can take on average around nine months, gathering estimates, getting council approval and finalising the design and quotes should take as long as is needed for you to feel comfortable that the most desired outcome will be acheived.

Demolishing a property can be an incredibly messy process, and we recommend you hand over as much of the work as possible to a highly reliable business. You will have to obtain permission before commencing the job and provide evidence to those who carry out the task. There are also safety regulations that must be followed, including the hiring of a temporary fence to ensure there are no intruders.

Once you have your Development Application and Construction Certificate, we suggest hiring a Project Manager, who will organise contractors and help fast track development. From sourcing timber for the construction process to finding a reputable concrete business to enhance the setting of your outdoor area, Project Managers are usually highly experienced and will be watching over the whole process.


It’s crucial that all tasks are completed by professionals, as the building structure must be constructed while following all rules and regulations. From laying the plumbing beneath the slab to the electrical wiring getting installed after the brick work has been completed, it’s crucial that these steps are done correctly to avoid any issues taking place once the home has been built.


Before you start the process, do your homework; get a number of quotes, and all of the hard work and money will be work it, as you’ll enjoy a beautiful new home, without having to shift from your dream location.