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Getting a house extension

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Many people find after having a house for years that they could’ve used another room, or space.  In some instances this might mean you have a obnoxious teen that you want at the other end of the house, or you’ve just had your heart set on a sun room. Either way we all sometimes find we want another room, and the process of getting one can be made easier by some simple things to consider.

What to think about when getting a house extension…

How is the house currently set up?

-You need to really think about how your house is currently set up, in terms of it’s functionality.

-How is the plumbing and electricity connected?

Power points? Internet set up? (Although most people now have wireless internet, you still need think deeply about how this new room extension will affect internet workings).

-Where are all the bedrooms? Are you going to want a new room wall to wall with another room? Or next to the kitchen?


What sort of extension do you desire?

You can get a horizontal extension or a vertical extension?

-If you have a small but tall house, you are going to have to look at whether you want to add to the upstairs or whether you want to increase the bottom level. Sometimes you wont have a choice in this matter, if you have a small block, you’re going to have to build upwards.

-If you have the opposite problem, building horizontally can expand  a good width of your house, but you need to be prepared to lose the garden.

-Do you want your extension room to be a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or lounge room/sun room?


Other things to think about?

-Will you need some sort of council permit to build the new extension? Get this sorted before making all the big decisions about design.

-It is always going to be more expensive to maintain an additional room in the house, so think about ways you can cut costs, such as having more windows (to prevent needing to buy air conditioning or connect it).

-Safety is another very important factor to think about when getting an extension, you need to consider all possible risks the extension could involve.

So if you’re thinking about getting a house extension and not quite sure where to start, take some advice from a professional carpenter.