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How to Prevent Dirty Ducts in Your Hobart Home

Friday, January 30th, 2015


Breathe Easier

Dirty ducts reduce the efficiency of any HVAC system, increase power bills and contaminate the air. Dirty ducts can be the cause of a range of health problems affecting you and your family. Ducted systems spread germs throughout homes quickly and the pipes are the perfect place for mold, fungi and germs to breed. Attempting to clean ducts alone is not only hard and time consuming but can put your ducts at risk. It is best to hire in an air conditioning and heating professional to do the deed.

Here are some steps you can take to take to ensure your ducts stay clean and your family healthy.

  • Have your system regularly cleaned – Regular maintenance and cleaning performed by a HVAC Technician can keep contaminants from growing in your ducts. All heating and cooling systems should be inspected and cleaned every six months to ensure maximum air flow with minimum power.2
  • Close ducts– Close your ducts when you are not using them. If you only use your ducted heating in the winter then close off your ducts in the summer, this will stop foreign objects falling down into the ducted system. Another time when it is crucial to close ducts is during renovation work. Dust, debris and dirt can easily fall into one duct and be spread throughout the whole home or office. Close your ducts when you are not using them.
  • Clean new ducts – Check new ducts installed into your Hobart home to make sure they have been thoroughly cleaned.  Ensuring ducts are not left with little bits of debris, carpet, oil or other foreign objects will increase the life of your system. Don’t be shy about checking during an installation.
  • how-ducted-air-conditioners-work
  • Keep your home clean – The air circulating through your ducts may have germs, dust, hair and other forms of pollution circling through them. Keeping a clean home limits the impurities and toxins in the air, this in turn will keep your ducts clean in-between maintenance appointments.

It’s important to note that dirty ducts can be a flag for other problems in a home or office. If people are constantly getting sick or there is a bad odor coming from the ducts in your home there may be an underlying problem such as a serious mold problem, wet foundations or asbestos.

What Fence is Right for Your Property?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Fences say a lot about a property and who owns it.  Whether it is residential, commercial or even industrial property the first thing seen and thus first impression given off  is  the fence.  It is important to have a secure, aesthetically pleasing, affordable and modern fence for any property, but with so many choices out there, what fence is right for you?

Colorbond: Colorbond is a popular choice for residents of Karratha and other Western Australian towns and it is easy to see why.   It always looks great, it comes in 14 colours and has clean, crisp lines on both sides of the fence.  Colorbond is installed to with hold cyclones, bush fires and is resistant to termites.  You will most often see this fencing in suburbia.

Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond Fencing


Security Chain-wire Fencing: Chain-mesh fencing is the preferred fence for secure perimeters.   It is not just used to keep people in but also out.  It is often used for prisons, railways, tennis courts, power stations, schools and parks.  It comes in a variety of colours and sizes to suit the need.

Chain-wire Fencing

Chain-wire Fencing


Gladiator Fencing:  Gladiator fencing is another popular fence for schools as its tough, tall but open and airy.  The fence is strong, pre-galvanised and finished in the colour of your choice and with a powder coating.  Gladiator fences are manufactured to Australian Standards and come in an array of thicknesses and heights.

Gladiator Fencing

Gladiator Fencing


Pool Fencing:  Australia gets hot, really hot so lots of Aussies invest in a pool.  If you are lucky enough to have a pool you need a fence and gate to avoid tragic accidents.  Thankfully pool fencing is now stylish and comes in a range of colours and styles.  You can pick from Colorbond, gladiator, wooden, hedge or brick.

Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing


Wooden Fences:  Wooden fences are classic and aesthetically pleasing.  They are good for towns that don’t get too much rain and are cheap to install.  The humble fence still has its merits but is losing popularity as it’s high maintenance and someone gets stuck with the “ugly side”.

Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence


Stone, Brick and Concrete Walls:  Heavy walls made of stone and brick are being used less as fences and more as retaining walls.  They make a stylish and sturdy addition to any backyard and are a landscapers dream to work with.  They are practical and come in a range of gorgeous styles.

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall


No matter what style you choose you need to ensure a professional installs your new fence.  Australia is prone to flooding, cyclones and extreme heat.  Don’t let the weather get away with your fence!

Popular Interior Paint Colours for 2014

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

A fresh lick of paint really revamps a space and brings life to any room.  This seasons colours are beautiful, rich and natural, the amazing hues chosen by designers and painters for this year is a colour palette created by nature.  2014’s colour schemes are derived from the ocean and the forest with cool colours of sky blue and mint green, warm sandy beige’s and browns inspired by drift wood.  The calming seaside colours can be lifted with pinks, whites, yellows or industrial shades.  Here are a few tips on how to use these vogue colours and make them your own.

clean edge 5


The ocean hues range from mint green to pale delicate blue to fresh turquoise.  Use these blues to paint the walls and choose cushions and throws in sandy beige and seashell pink.   Use this colour combination in a room full of natural light and lined with windows.  The light and colours will help you to feel like you’re on vacation all year round.


Make these natural and neutral colours modern by pairing them with contemporary designs.  A room full of the lively colours inspired by the beach can be striking with industrial metals in rust or dark silver.  This is perfect for a kitchen space.  Paint your cupboards blues or beige’s and invest in a rust coloured bench top to lift the room.  Be inspired by the beach but play with modern elements.


Be inspired by the energy of nature, use bright and friendly colours to accent the walls in the living room, family room or kitchen.  Combine cool teals with rich reds and bright yellows for a touch or European summer.


If you live somewhere too hot you will try anything to stay cool.  Cool yourself down with colours of the sea in any room.   Pick greens and blues of jewel and mint tones.  The calming colours will help feel cool and calm even in the middle of summer.

md stanely 5


The tone of the year is ocean, the colour of the year is mellow yellow, these themes combined create a beautiful warming space.  Use yellow in open spaces  to create a fun, fresh and warm space.


For the bedroom stick with the beachy colours but add in pastel tones.  Creamy whites, pinks, yellows and greens are light and airy creating a good space to relax and sleep.


For the living room go for beautiful natural colours, stick with filtered blues and  greens but add a splash of lilac for a breath of fresh air.  These colours are timeless and will look beautiful in winter and summer.

diamond 6



All the tones for 2014 are neutral but try to stay away from cold hard surfaces which can be common in modern life, look to the woods for warm colours.   Think grey stones, apple green and deer brown.  These colours with pops of blue evoke a wonderful sense of nature, these colours are stylish but ultimately create a comfortable home.


Brown colours are beautiful, natural and can be paired with almost any colour.  This years delicately named colour looks beautiful with shades of blue or off black.  Use in the bathroom or kitchen for a striking change.


White is always an easy choice but this year its not for the walls.  Paint walls warm greys or shades of taupe and create a beautiful sun room with white furnishings.

Style: "Agfa"


Ombre colouring has been a popular choice for almost everything over the past 2 years, this year it has reached paint.  Go safe with grey to white or be more bold with red and yellow on walls and furniture.  The ocean wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful sunset.


Go for beautiful, warm and natural colours this year and make any living space will like the ocean.