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How to Care for Your Ducted Air Conditioning System

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Ducted air conditioning in the home or office is a great way to keep cool whilst not having to worry about inflating costs.  Ducted air conditioning is the cheapest air conditioning solution in Mandurah and is the most efficient cooling system on the Australian market today.

To keep cool during these hot Western Australian summer months continued maintenance and cleaning is crucial.  Some important steps that need to be taken include; cleaning your filters regularly, performing regular checks and having a yearly professional maintenance service.


Cleaning ducted air conditioning filters is easy to tackle yourself and should be done every 3 months.  Simply unscrew the retaining nut and remove the exposed filter.  Ensure you check the filter is a reusable filter and not a disposable one!  If it is a disposable filter, replace the filter with a highly efficient filter, not a cheap one.  to clean a reusable filter simply slide the filter free of its frame and hose off until all dust and grit are gone, do this from both directions.  If the filter hasn’t been cleaned for a while it may need to be soaked in the sink with hot soapy water to ensure all build up is gone.  Remove all excess water from the filter and allow it to dry naturally.  Once completely dry, return the filter to the frame and screw back together.  If you are unsure of how to do this, simply contact your local air conditioning technician team.


Secondly conduct regular system and proficiency checks.  This is to ensure any leaks or blockages are detected early.  If you think that your ducted air conditioning system is malfunctioning or that a section of your house or office is not cooling as well as other rooms it is best to call your local AC technician.  Keeping continued maintenance and repairing minor breakages now helps to save money down the track.

Lastly, yearly maintenance is crucial for all cooling and heating systems. Professional checks, maintenance, and cleaning ensures your system is running smoothly and the life of the unit is extended.

If ducted air conditioning units aren’t properly cared for there are a few things that can happen.


Sickness – Dirty filters are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.  Because of the nature of ducted systems, germs and bacteria are quickly spread through the home or office. If you have noticed that when one family member or staff member gets sick and quickly spreads throughout the home or office, dirty ducts could be why .

Increased Bills -Secondly blocked or dirty filters mean the ducted system has to work harder to keep the property cool.  This increases power usage, power bill costs and causes the system to malfunction or break down completely.

Have your ducted cooling system professionally cleaned today and see the effect it has on your power bills in the future.