Want more space in your room? Get a built in wardrobe.

Does your room need a makeover? Are you looking at upgrading your conservative style bedroom into a more modern design? Well one of the ways you can aid the woes is by creating a built in wardrobe that will turn your room inside out. What’s more is it will also provide better functionality if you’ve got too many clothes, or rubbish hanging around. There are many ways in this modern era to design a wardrobe, so you really need to look around at the pictures and see what’s out there. You can have hinged sliding doors, a mirror, and drawers, all of which can be placed almost anywhere.¬† Here are some photos to show you some of the designs that people are loving, and you can get a gauge on what suits your family home.


1.If you want something a little more basic and old fashioned then that’s certainly a sturdy option. With this wardrobe you have basic timber and shelving, its for those who want a cheaper and easier option. Perhaps suited for a rental property.


2. You can see this design is basically a lot more modern than the above design. It’s not flashy, but it is clean and classy. It blends in well with the bedroom and is probably a bit more fragile than a timber. However it is lovely to look at and has basic sliding door functionality, nothing too extravagant but it sits well in the design of the entire room.


4. Now this is what you would call the master of functionality and space. It’s neatly designed and orderly with sparkling modernity.¬† It has a safe colour tone and a very high quality timber. Almost any person would dream about this luxurious wardrobe, of course, its a walk in one. However this is very specific wardrobe that you would either need or fantasize about, either excuse will do.

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