Re-designing a new bathroom…the challenges and ideas

Are you sick of the boring layout and functionality of your current bathroom, or are considering replacing the shower but then deciding to re-model anyway? Perhaps your looking to add a 3 in 1 bathroom light or dimmer.  Either way moving around the bathroom layout is one tricky job, it takes a lot of planning and resources.  If you bathroom is really old then this is a good chance to get some more modern, environmentally friendly features to the bathroom, as well as giving you the scope to create a more modern look.

All the factors to think about

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Plumbing, Pipes and everything not so nice.

-When you are going to re-design a bathroom it’s not always going to involve the enjoyment of picking colours or patterns, there are a lot of practical issues that need to be addressed. You need only go to your local plumbing retailer to see that plumbing has changed over the years, and it’s common that you need to fix one thing, yet the plumbing piece you’re looking for is non existent now.

-So when you go to think about how exactly you want to design your bathroom, you need to look at your current plumbing systems and figure out what exactly is going to have to change in order to get that design your dreaming about.

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Planning the design.

-When planning the design of your new bathroom you need to look at what your current design is, both it’s layout and style. You need to think about what exactly you want to change about it (i.e functionality, look, colour) whether you just want a complete change, or just fancy a new sink. If you have a specific bathroom in a magazine and you thought “that’s it” then you really need to analyse every spec of detail.

-Get the drawing board out! This means get someone who can draw on board,  whether it be a friend, yourself or family member. Draw a general idea of what you like, in terms of colour, layout, textures. From the small sketch you do, you can show a professional designer or renovations expert, and be on your way to achieving your dream look.  Once there is a general outline, you have a better chance of getting the right help, and at the same time you will figure out what exactly is going to work, and what isn’t.


Research your resources!

-When you have that idea in your head, or magazine picture cut out, you will become a raging bull in order to get what you want. However you may find along the way that you cannot acquire all the elements you’d hoped, perhaps you cannot find that marble tile, or stylish glass shower door.  Some things will just be impossible to get your hands on, but more importantly it can cause a lot of unwanted stress.

-So what can you do to avoid too much anger and drama, do research before you get your heart set on certain features, look locally, or online to look at your options. Having back up resources is a very good idea, it will save you getting let down.


With these tips in mind you will now be mindful of some pitfalls that go with designing a new bathroom, maybe it’s put you off, or maybe it has inspired a large project for the family.

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