Paint or Wallpaper: The Great Debate

If you thinking of changing the walls in your bedroom, living room or study, it’s likely you’ve become a part of the great debate. Should I attempt the wallpaper job, or go with a standard paint job? If you’re doing it yourself, you’re probably already leaning towards paint, which is fair enough considering the nightmare stories. However what if you’ve found a wallpaper so amazing that you simply have to get it. Well here lies the crux of the problem.

These days you can find the most beautiful and elegant wallpaper designs, ones that scream your personality. In the end we really want our house to shine of our personality or family, and what we love. Lets have a look at both options in there bare facts:


Now wallpaper is always going to be the more delicate task in comparison to painting. Although it has a very large amount of benefits. One major benefit is that you can get many different patterns and pictures on wallpaper, something you can’t really do with paint.  This means there are endless possibilities for every space, meaning you can find fun kids designs and also plain elegant designs.

Major con: If you already have wallpaper on the walls, you need to get it off. Not so fun. Involved in this process is the right tools and equipment, so not to have parts of wallpaper stuck, with others removed.  You need either chemicals or physical equipment to pull this task off, leave it to those who have good skills at controlling anger.

Another con is that if moisture somehow gets into the walls, the paper may not withstand. However once wallpaper is on, it can change a room completely in the best of ways. A part from the water issues, it’s generally got a long life span, so choose carefully.



Paint is often what most people choose if they want simplicity and relative ease with the whole process. You can find a great variety of colours and gloss to match your room. In terms of making a mistake it’s a lot easier to fix up a paint mistake in comparison with vinyl wallpaper. In a way it can provide more family fun, if you want to get others involved.

Con: It’s less durable, and more messy. You have to be extremely careful while painting because you’re not dealing with solid material.  Most people are aware that if you choose to get involved in a painting job you’re going to end up covered in the stuff.  Although the worst part is if you get that paint on your floor, carpet or furniture, that’s nasty.

The other element that’s a bit restricting when choosing paint is the design, as mentioned above in the wallpaper paragraph. You can’t get too fancy with paint, unless you’re a trained painter or artist, even then it’s risky. You’re most likely going to end up with one or two colours.

Sponge Painted Wall


So what side of the debate are you on?


Either way sometimes you need a professional to finish the job, that way mistakes are less likely, and you less stressed about the whole situation.


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