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Hot water system issues!

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Do you have a hot water system that’s decided to start playing up? Perhaps its leaking? If you’re not a plumber then it’s difficult to figure out what’s actually happening inside the water system itself, you can see it’s leaking, but the reason isn’t obvious. Generally the life of a hot water system is between 10 and 12 years, so make sure you check the date of the system to ensure you shouldn’t be already thinking about replacing it. If it’s under this time period then you should investigate the problem further, as there can be a few different things wrong with it. If you hot water system is inside the house then you are probably going to have more urgency to get the problem fixed, but you should look into getting a leaking hot water system fixed as soon as possible. You don’t want to end up with a worse problem than you started with, it can be costly.


What could it be?

-Debris caught inside- sometimes small amounts of debris can get caught inside the hot water system, which can easily be flushed out.

-Faulty temperature relief valve- the function of the valve is to allow water to leak in small amounts to relieve pressure of the hot water inside the tank, but if is leaking more than normal, in large amounts, it’s not functioning correctly.

-If its leaking from the bottom it can be the element gasket- this is where all the electrical wiring. which means this should be dealt with very quickly, due to the mix of water and electrics. If the rubber gasket is old then it must be replaced by a qualified plumber.

-Temperature of the system is set too high- if you have the temperature set to too high then this will cause too much pressure on the system, so if you turn it down it should fix the problem. You are never suppose to turn the thermostat to the highest setting, remember that!

Why you don’t want to leave it too long…

If you notice that your hot water system is leaking then its not a good idea to leave it too long, depending on what the issue is, there can be varying costs.

-If you have a bad valve and leave it then the system could blow out completely and you’ll probably hear it if you’re in the house at the time. Leaving you with flooding. Replacing a faulty valve can be quite quick and easy if you catch it time, so its very important you take care of it immediately.

– Electrocution can occur if it’s the element gasket.

If you think this is all a bit much and just want to call someone who can figure it out without the safety issues, then call your local South Perth Plumber. Calling a plumber may be the most appropriate solution for those who don’t feel comfortable with plumbing issues, which is quite a lot of us.

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Remodeling Your Kitchen For Storage

Friday, May 17th, 2013

When you’re deciding to remodel your kitchen, to give it more style, but most of all practicability, then deep thought needs to go into layout. Most of us think about getting more out of our kitchen space, whether we have a large kitchen or small kitchen. We always seem to need more space, always.  If we look at what we current storage space we have and what really can be done, it’s actually quite surprising.

The island…

If you haven’t got a kitchen island but have the space for one, this could be a good investment. Not only is the kitchen island a stylish addition to any kitchen, but it can be modified to make the most out the space in your kitchen.  Getting a kitchen island in the middle of your kitchen means that you obviously have created more bench space, which can be both dangerous and complimenting.  If you’re desperate for space to place things, then this addition could be your answer. Although if you end up treating the space as a rubbish tip for bags, tissue boxes, or lunchboxes, it’s actually more of a burden. Most people find that once they get an island built, it looks wonderful, but they do end up abusing the space. So remember to have minimal on the island bench top itself, only place what’s needed, and with care.

With the island you can also add additional cabinets on the sides of the island, making the island hollow with plenty of storage space. It can look fantastic and act as a practical measure of storage.

kitchen island

Overhead cabinets…

Including storage space into you kitchen is very flexible, you have room to create and imagination you own designs, as long as you have the space. You also need to make sure you have right help, reliable professional help is a must. On major adjustment to your current kitchen could be the inclusion of overhead cabinets, on the walls surrounding your kitchen space, you may just have blank walls at the moment, but adding additional cupboards and cabinets will make a huge difference.

overhead cabniets

overhead cabinets

Some people might find adding too many cabinets and cupboards can ruin the design of your kitchen, but if you have the right ideas you can really make storage look fancy. If you need a kitchen that’s practical because you have a large family, then there’s no reason not to try getting creative with storage options.


Safety and Gutter Cleaning

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Most people are worried about plumbing or electrical issues in their household, but have you ever really put much thought into your gutters? Although we’re aware that we have gutters, that serve a purpose, yes, but new home owners perhaps forget that they need regular maintenance. It’s safe to assume that a young adult moving out of home won’t really consider the health of their gutters, they are something at the back of every persons mind. You must remember however, that gutter cleaning is a must! For every home owner!

So many people could tell you why we have gutters:

-To collect the water which spills off your roof when it rains, then to guide the water into spouts

However there are people that couldn’t tell how many times your suppose to clean your gutters and the best method to cleaning gutters.

gutter cleaning

Why should we clean our gutters?

Well, without cleaning your gutters on a regular basis then you are going to run into some costly problems.

-Cluttering and debris



Above are the symptoms that will first appear if you aren’t cleaning your gutters regularly, but the actual consequences of leaving these symptoms are much worse.

-Your gutters themselves can become too full, and break off your entire house

– Your house can implode due to saturation of water on soil around your home, caused by gutters which are clogged, and don’t naturally release the water into the correct down pipes.

Yes, you’re house could implode, which means that’s a lot of money to fix the problem. You’re going to re-build parts of your house, which is likely going to be an expensive job, and you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t just clean your gutters.

gutter cleaning 2

Safely cleaning your gutters…

When you decide to clean your gutters, you must make sure you are attempting it with a safe technique and method.

-Make sure you check out where the gutters are and the ground below, as uneven ground can be very dangerous.

-Make sure you are completing the gutter cleaning during calm weather conditions- wind can cause major issues, and having slippery surfaces from the rain can be disastrous.

-If it is a really high gutter then it’s best to have another person watching over you and helping with the ladder.

-Never take the chance of getting your hands dirty without wearing some gardening or safety gloves, there can be anything caught up in the gutters.


Although this all seems like common sense, many people still don’t follow simple safety measures because they believe its a simple job. Remember to regularly clean your gutters, or if you want an easy option then call your local gutter cleaning service.