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Paint or Wallpaper: The Great Debate

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

If you thinking of changing the walls in your bedroom, living room or study, it’s likely you’ve become a part of the great debate. Should I attempt the wallpaper job, or go with a standard paint job? If you’re doing it yourself, you’re probably already leaning towards paint, which is fair enough considering the nightmare stories. However what if you’ve found a wallpaper so amazing that you simply have to get it. Well here lies the crux of the problem.

These days you can find the most beautiful and elegant wallpaper designs, ones that scream your personality. In the end we really want our house to shine of our personality or family, and what we love. Lets have a look at both options in there bare facts:


Now wallpaper is always going to be the more delicate task in comparison to painting. Although it has a very large amount of benefits. One major benefit is that you can get many different patterns and pictures on wallpaper, something you can’t really do with paint.  This means there are endless possibilities for every space, meaning you can find fun kids designs and also plain elegant designs.

Major con: If you already have wallpaper on the walls, you need to get it off. Not so fun. Involved in this process is the right tools and equipment, so not to have parts of wallpaper stuck, with others removed.  You need either chemicals or physical equipment to pull this task off, leave it to those who have good skills at controlling anger.

Another con is that if moisture somehow gets into the walls, the paper may not withstand. However once wallpaper is on, it can change a room completely in the best of ways. A part from the water issues, it’s generally got a long life span, so choose carefully.



Paint is often what most people choose if they want simplicity and relative ease with the whole process. You can find a great variety of colours and gloss to match your room. In terms of making a mistake it’s a lot easier to fix up a paint mistake in comparison with vinyl wallpaper. In a way it can provide more family fun, if you want to get others involved.

Con: It’s less durable, and more messy. You have to be extremely careful while painting because you’re not dealing with solid material.  Most people are aware that if you choose to get involved in a painting job you’re going to end up covered in the stuff.  Although the worst part is if you get that paint on your floor, carpet or furniture, that’s nasty.

The other element that’s a bit restricting when choosing paint is the design, as mentioned above in the wallpaper paragraph. You can’t get too fancy with paint, unless you’re a trained painter or artist, even then it’s risky. You’re most likely going to end up with one or two colours.

Sponge Painted Wall


So what side of the debate are you on?


Either way sometimes you need a professional to finish the job, that way mistakes are less likely, and you less stressed about the whole situation.


Want more space in your room? Get a built in wardrobe.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Does your room need a makeover? Are you looking at upgrading your conservative style bedroom into a more modern design? Well one of the ways you can aid the woes is by creating a built in wardrobe that will turn your room inside out. What’s more is it will also provide better functionality if you’ve got too many clothes, or rubbish hanging around. There are many ways in this modern era to design a wardrobe, so you really need to look around at the pictures and see what’s out there. You can have hinged sliding doors, a mirror, and drawers, all of which can be placed almost anywhere.  Here are some photos to show you some of the designs that people are loving, and you can get a gauge on what suits your family home.


1.If you want something a little more basic and old fashioned then that’s certainly a sturdy option. With this wardrobe you have basic timber and shelving, its for those who want a cheaper and easier option. Perhaps suited for a rental property.


2. You can see this design is basically a lot more modern than the above design. It’s not flashy, but it is clean and classy. It blends in well with the bedroom and is probably a bit more fragile than a timber. However it is lovely to look at and has basic sliding door functionality, nothing too extravagant but it sits well in the design of the entire room.


4. Now this is what you would call the master of functionality and space. It’s neatly designed and orderly with sparkling modernity.  It has a safe colour tone and a very high quality timber. Almost any person would dream about this luxurious wardrobe, of course, its a walk in one. However this is very specific wardrobe that you would either need or fantasize about, either excuse will do.

What sort of pergola do I want? Winter is nearly here!

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

If your unlucky enough to have your birthday in the winter months it’s always a really hard choice for activities.  Sometimes you end up at the point where you sitting at home with friends watching the TV. Well, how about we find a solution that allows you to host a huge bash, or a small one, outside with the heaters, a wood fire and a beautiful lawn?

Extending you’re outdoor area is a wise choice in order to battle the nasty weather, or to find a bit of shade if it does become a bit warm outside.  Yep, it’s the pergola. Have you been thinking about it for too long? Now’s the perfect chance to get one set up before the rains come, and saves you from entertaining inside, and subsequently less chance of a trashed home.  Here’s the options and advice that you should think about before making that glorious step.

What type of house do you have, what are you aiming to create?

Before anything else you must have an idea of what type of pergola you envision. Are you trying to create a separate entity to create a bit of creativity to your home, or are you connecting the pergola to part of your house? If you’re looking at having the pergola being attached to your house you’d be looking at a “Pitched” style, whereas if you want it close to the entrance of the back of the house, but still has all four legs and is technically not attached, that is what is termed “Gabled”.

If you’re looking for more of a style or creative piece to add to your backyard, you can place a small pergola with a sail top, or you could also get a pergola that has no roof and technically just a structure for visual purposes. However if we are talking Winter preparation and social benefit, then you’d be looking for a hardy structure with a roof.  Whats more is you will need lighting in your pergola on those dark nights.  Opt for the always popular fairy lights or have some out door lighting professionally installed.  An electrician can add a ceiling light or outdoor lighting at the base of your structure.

Roof types and posts…

Now that you know what sort of style you’re after the next thing would be what type of roof covering do you want and what do you want your pergola made of? Standard choice for a pergola structure is timber, because it’s cheaper and easy to get done. Although it is going lower in quality to its more expensive partner of Colorbond, which is stronger. It’s really a personal choice, because timber is not a dud, it’s what most people end up with. If you want extra quality and less maintenance, you should look at Colorbond.  You also have the choice of Aluminum which is the middle choice of the two, and still comes with style variation.

You also have to look at whether you just want a laser-lite type material as the roof, or steel sheets. Both a generally hardy but of course steel is stronger and more weather resistant. So if you really looking at keeping your guests weather proof then steel is generally a good choice, but more expensive again. In any case the sides are open, so sometimes you can’t really escape the weather too much.


So if you’re still undecided about this big move think about what exactly you want out of your new addition, if it’s Winter based fear, its very wise choice. Plus in the summer it provides the perfect haven of shade.